Links on Mzab

Mzab Photos by Taha Baali (27.9.2011)

Site of l'Association d'Orientation touristique de Ghardaia (AOTG, the association for touristic orientation in Ghradaia) (27.9.2011)

Mozabite's blog, omzab of Ghardaia W. of Algeria - Skyrock (29.6.2012)

Travel agency of Toufik Boughali (27.9.2011)


Many pdfs on mozabite (language, culture, religion), most of them in French, but also Arabic, English and German. You need a Paypal account to pay the commercial articles. (13.6.2012)

Atelier pour la Sauvegarde et la Promotion du Tamazight (Workshop for the protection and promotion of Berber, in French, last update 12.5.2005). Very interesting site, unfortunately not well maintained. (14.6.2012)

Mzab Valley as Unesco World Heritage (22.6.2012)



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