About the language (pdf)

  • File icon Abdessalam_1996_orthography_Tumzabt
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  • File icon Basset_R_1890_Study on the Legend of Berber Loqman (French)
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  • File icon Basset_R_1893_The zenati language of Mzab
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  • File icon BassetR_1893_Study on the Zenati language Mzab in Ouargla and Oued-Rir (French)
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  • File icon Delheure_1989_Study on mozabite (French)
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  • File icon Delheure_1989_Verbal System of Ouargli and Mozabite (French)
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  • File icon Khalainou_2006_Tajerrumt Grammar Mozabite
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  • File icon Samuda_1840_Essai on the language of the Beni-Mzab (French)
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Here are some textes about the mozabite language.

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